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Working Holiday Visa Program
Australia presently has a Plan for expanding its Working Holiday Visa Program, with the inclusion of many countries like India. Through this, the nation aims to address the labor shortage, prevailing in the regional areas. The Immigration Minister of Australia, informed that the recruitment of workers, under the program, will benefit the regional areas, and farms, in Australia

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The Working Holiday Maker Program in Australia has the Working Holiday Visa as well as the Work and Holiday Visa. It is a cultural exchange program enabling the young travelers to seek the extended holiday in the country and also earn money by using the short-term employment.

The government will expand the scheme and add 13 countries to help in the growth of regional businesses and also to find farm workers. Apart from India, the other countries set for inclusion in the scheme are Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Fiji, Switzerland, Croatia, Solomon Islands, Latvia, Andorra, Lithuania, Monaco and Mongolia.

Presently, this visa program, allowing the backpackers to work during their stay in Australia, is facing a decline, resulting in a shortage of regional workers in major areas.

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In March 2019, 150,000 persons were working in the Australia working holiday visa program, showing that the program had shrunk in a big way in the last five years. Working holiday travelers go further in the regional areas in comparison to other global visitors and also spend considerable amount, leading to a boost in the economy. Meeting certain criteria like the functional level of English and possessing education qualifications is necessary for these applicants. Also two types of Australia working holiday visas are available in the Subclass 417 and 462. The former visa scheme attracts citizens of the UK, Canada, Germany and Sweden, and the latter visa has Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Bangladesh. Indians presently are ineligible in both categories. Australia advertises itself to be the best place to work in the world. Changes to this visa, will be welcomed by the farming community.


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