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When can you apply for Australia Student Dependent Visa ?

Australia student Dependent visaAustralia offers world class education  and degree offered by them are recognised globally.

Bring your dependents

The spouse as well as children of a student can accompany them to Australia, if the student’s course duration is for one year or longer.  The spouse should not apply for spouse visa to Australia instead should apply for dependent visa.

The family members can apply the dependent visa  at  same time when student apply for their visa or they can apply later to join the Study in Australia after student’s course has began.

Students should declare all family members in their application, even if few of them may not intend to travel  along with them else they would become ineligible to apply for the  student dependent visa once the student has arrived in the Australia.

It has be noted that, the work rights offered for the Australia Student Dependent Visa holder will depend on the course of study of the student.

  • If the student is pursuing bachelor degree, then the dependent partner can work upto 40 hours in a fortnight.
  • If the student is studying a master degree (research or course work ) or a doctorate degree, then the partner will have full as well as unlimited rights.

When you travel with School age Children

If student’s children are travelling with them as dependents, then you would required to pay schools fees, for them to attend the Australian school.  We find school fees tend to vary as  per the state or territory they live in or the age of children.

Travelling with children who have reached  18 years of age and above or other family members

Children whose age is above 18 are not classified as dependents in this nation unless they have been enrolled in continuous education ( they are above 18 years, but still pursuing  A level or other qualification ) . So,incase  family member is over 18 and at the same time they are  not an eligible dependent, then they would require apply for a visa in order to travel to Australia along with you .

Anyone above 18 years, are eligible to apply for entry into Australian university or college themselves and travel on their student visa.

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