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This is an attempt to give an idea regarding the facts and figures for adjustment and comfort of the persons planning to move to Australia. These top 10 cities have museums, galleries and pleasant sites that captivate the imagination of visitors in a big way. These are the best to visit in Australia today and beyond. We have based it on the lifestyle and opportunities.

1. Sydney

Sydney is cosmopolitan, beautiful, and a famous city to live in Australia. It has an old charm and a diversity of culture besides is the largest city of Australia. The climate is temperate region and has a hot weather from November to February. Winters are mild here with a temperature of 7-degree centigrade in the night. It offers a hectic environment, pleasant beaches and natural landscapes.

2. Melbourne

It is the second-largest city in Australia, located on the banks of Yarra River. It is the cultural and sport capital of Australia famous for party environment, best dining, and vibrant nightlife. It also is one of the top livable cities in the world.

The weather can change in a day. The winter daytime temperature is low.

3. Brisbane

It is third-largest city and a major urban hub in the country. Additionally, it is preferred by many migrants. The weather is attractive marked by sunshine for weeks.

4. Hobart

Hobart, is the capital of Tasmania, and is a good city to live in Australia. Additionally it is surrounded by stunning countryside and has a natural landscape. The pace is slow here and the atmosphere is relaxed.

It is also ideal for food lovers, and is culturally rich. It experiences a cold temperature and in the winters the temperature is 4 degrees centigrade.

5. Adelaide

Adelaide is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. Adelaide hosts many immigrants and offers affordability and a relaxed lifestyle, apart from pleasant weather conditions. Moreover it has a pleasant weather around the year. in the summer, the day temperature is 20-degree Celsius and in winter the night temperature is 7-degree Celsius.

6. Canberra

Canberra has the Australian Capital Territory area and a population of 373,000 people. It is the seat of Australian parliament and popular with the workers and tourists. The climate is dry and extreme here.

7. Darwin

Darwin offers a relaxed and laid back environment. It has a moderate warm climate throughout the year with the advantage of natural scenic surroundings. There is a buzzing nightlife for party lovers. April to October months are usually dry and more pleasant. From November to March the season is wet. There are many storms and the temperature stays in the 30-degree Celsius range.

8. Perth

Perth is a charming and livable city in Australia. The lifestyle is relaxed here. The climate is wonderful and charming for living. The city is an isolated capital lying in hot temperature zone. During summer, the temperature is 30-degree Celsius and in winter, it is 18 degrees.

9. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is idyllic and also the most affordable city in the country. It is a famous tourist destination in the world. The tuition fee here is low in comparison to other Australian cities. The public universities are less expensive.

10. Wollongong

Wollongong is a seaside city, located in Illawarra region of the New South Wales, at coastal strip towards the south of Central Sydney. It has a heavy industry and much port activity besides the best of beaches. It attracts immigrants and tourists every year. There is a University of Wollongong having 37,000 students and an international fame.

In 2018, Australia had 9.2 million tourists from overseas marking a 5.2% increase from the previous year. In the FY 2017–18 Australia created $57.3 billion from direct tourism. The Tourism activities directly employed 646,000 persons that were 5.2% of the workforce.

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