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Australia PRThe country with one of the most influential financial system and having one of the best infrastructures including healthcare facilities, excellent education and job opportunities in major sectors in this world, Australia has a very smooth process for applying for Permanent Residency. Any citizen other than Australian citizen can apply for Permanent Residency and can get the same facilities as any Australian citizens. Indians can also apply for PR process for Australia and can make their dream come true to work in such a phenomenal country. Applying for PR from India The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Australia has introduced quite a lot of programs under which the country offers permanent residence to the suitable applicants from India and also other countries. A certified good character with no criminal records from past should be the major achievement for any candidate applying for the Australian permanent residency. Once they are given the permanent resident status, they can stay there as long as they want and can join any sector to work while staying in Australia. In order to apply from India, the candidate is supposed to get in touch with the Australia High Commission situated in New Delhi, India. The designated officer will thoroughly study profile of the candidate and will direct that candidate for the appropriate visa for the destination which will afterwards make the candidate qualified for the Australian PR. Eligibilities and prerequisites for applying for PR in Australia Before applying for Permanent residency, one must ensure that they should have following documents ready with them. Anyone applying for Permanent Residency should have good health and should be certifiably fit and fine. A good character certificate without any track record of crime is expected from the applicant. Other factors which matter while applying for PR status are that, a candidate should have lived and also worked in Australia for more than two years. The applicant is supposed to score well on the point test under skill select system. Since Australia is a country where English is official language, one must have good communication skills along with academic education qualification. Alternative ways to get PR in Australia from India  One of the newly introduced and effective ways is Skilled Migration Policy for Australia. This allows professionals and skilled workers to Immigrate to Australia from India. The approval of PR is based upon the points system scored in the process by Indian applicant. After getting permanent residency, one can apply for citizenship in Australia after living there continuously for two years. Just like other Australian citizens, Indians who have permanent residency are also entitled to receive healthcare subsidies through Medicare. Anyone who has PR status can support individuals for the Permanent Resident (PR) to Australia from India. Related links:

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