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Move to South Australia for better and healthier workplace

University of South Australia's Centre for Applied Psychological Research’s study on working conditions has revealed that South Australia has one of the best working conditions in the world. South Australia stood third in terms of preferable working conditions, behind Sweden and Ireland. Australia1The study was focused on psychological conditions faced by the worker at the workplace, and the ways employees were supported to face struggle at workplace. Struggle at workplace typically includes stress, bullying or harassment, and work-related violence. South Australia is one of the preferred destinations for immigrants for its enormous employment opportunities and other benefits like high quality education, finest and at par health care facilities.  Adelaide is one of the biggest cities in South Australia and is very inexpensive going by its international standards. Recent boom of mining has brought attention to South Australia. South Australia exports minerals and ores, wine, meat and seafood to all continents. Skilled employment opportunities are available in diverse industry sectors including mining, natural resources, health care services, engineering firms, management and trades. Health care facilities in South Australia are of international standards. Permanent residents of Australia can avail treatment under Medicare as a free patient in a public hospital, and free or subsidized treatment by a doctor, participating optometrists and dentists for specified services. Schools and educational institutions in South Australia offer world class education and equip your children with quality education for life. Overseas skilled professionals who are willing to move to South Australia can be assured of a better life for themselves and their children. There are various visa options to move to Australia depending on your preferences, education, work experience and other skills. Check your eligibility for Australian visas by filling this simple FREE Evaluation Form. Call us on 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” to 56263 for more information. Share your views and thoughts on our Facebook page.

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