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As per The announcement of Australian Government, the date of closure of subclass 489 visa will be 16th Nov 2019. The last day for territories and states for nominating and issuing invitations for these applicants will be 10 Sep 2019. Some of the states are closing the subclass 489 nomination in the state program for new applications. We also present the recent state announcements. There will be a new Skilled Worker Regional visa as Provisional 491 on 16th November to replace the Australian 489 visa.

South Australia

Applications for State nomination in South Australia for the 489 visa are presently closed. From 14th August 2019 Immigration SA is not accepting nomination applications for the 489 visa. State nomination applicants in 190 visa continue to submit their cases.

Home Affairs Department issued an advisory stating that 10 September 2019 will be the final day for nomination in subclass 489 applications by the states and territories in Skill Select. This allows a time of 60 days for applicants to file their 489 visa application.

Immigration SA will also finalize the applications for state nomination for the subclass 489 visa before the deadline of 10 Sep 2019. Additionally, the applications for the Skilled Nominated in 190 visa can be submitted and go to the processing stage after subclass 489 applications are finalized.


Closure of Tasmania‘s subclass 489 Skilled Regional Visa Program. The Tasmanian Government will close its subclass 489 state nomination program for fresh applications gradually:

The Category 3A catering to Overseas applicants in TSOL and Category 3B catering to Overseas applicants with a Job Offer were closed on 13 August 2019. Category 1 catering to Tasmania graduates, Category 2 catering to Workers in Tasmania, followed by Category 4 catering to Families in Tasmania and Category 5 catering to Small Business Owners will be closed on 20th August 2019.

Also there is a huge large volume of nomination applications received, and there is a doubt regarding assessing all lodged applications before 10th Sep 2019. Requirements for visa Nomination for the new program will be set out gradually. Moreover, the processing time for subclass 190 applications is likely to be extended in this period.


The state will close nominations in Skilled & Business Migration to subclass 489 nominations on 5th Sept 2019 and also not accept any new applications after that date. This will not affect any applications lodged with the office. Additional information regarding the nomination process for subclass 491 will be made known soon.

New South Wales

NSW so far did not announce a closure date for 489 visa.


Queensland so far did not announce a closure date for 489 visa.

Western Australia

Western Australia Migration Service has set out a timeline for ensuring enough processing of applications. For receiving the WA State nomination in 489 visa candidates have to meet the dates mentioned below. Processing of All WA State nomination applications for 489 visa will get a priority.

Timeline of Transitional Arrangements

On 9th August 2019 Invitations to apply for nomination in WA will be issued. On 29th August 2019 the decision ready application for nomination has to be lodged. Candidates must also submit any additional supporting evidence by this date. On 30 August 201 Invitation links for applying to get WA nomination will expire. On 5th September 2019 in case the WA State nomination application is approved, the Nomination Agreement has to be signed and delivered to WA Migration Services. On 6th September 2019 WA will finalize the nominations for applications in Skill Select.

On 11 September 2019 489 visa will not be an option in Skill Select. Till 15 November 2019 the Applicants can lodge a 489 visa application. On 16 November 2019 the interested Candidates can start lodging new EOIs for the 491 visa.

Northern Territory

The closure of nominations in skilled subclass 489 visa for offshore applicants will happen on 30 August 2019. Also, as regards the onshore applicants it will close on 6 September 2019. The Applicants will also have to note these major points: Also there is a huge large volume of nomination applications received, and there is a doubt regarding assessing all lodged applications before 10th Sep 2019.

Before 30th August 2019 the offshore applicants have to lodge nomination applications. Before 6th September 2019 the onshore applicants have to lodge nomination applications. 10th September 2019 will be the last day for issuing nominations in subclass 489. The subclass 491 visa program will open on 16th November 2019: You can contact us for all matters related to applications

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