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In Australia International students graduated percentage higher than local students

In Australia International students graduated percentage higher than local studentsAustralia is the sixth largest country in the world geographically with the population almost 24,309,330.Australia considered as the leader in the world providing the International Standard education, the international students from the rest of the world intended to study in Australia.

Not only high in vibrant and modern culture, always stood first in leading universities and colleges, for the student aspire to pursue higher education in Australia is the right destination.

The recent updates from the Australia Department of Education and Training revealed that international students complete the graduation on time compared to the local students.


In Table A institutes 70.8 % of international students graduated higher than the local students graduated 45 %

Coming to (NUHEIs) Non – University Higher Education Institutions, the percentage of International, graduated cleared out 62.8 greater than the Australia domestic students graduated 39.2%.

On the basis of the period of nine years analysis, the reports suggested that International student’s ratio is higher than domestic students.


They were various factors influencing on the graduate students rate:-

  • Age of the student
  • Attendance ( Full time or Part time )

Both these factors play a significant role in student career whether they would graduate at the right time or not.

And few other factors impact on the student path:-

  • Economic status of the student
  • Social – economic status
  • Native status
  • Gender
  • Non-English speaking

The percentage of part-time students passed is the bit lower compared to the full-time pursuers.

The analysis data like this tracking the progress of the students will help regime body to take all precautions steps where the system is lacking would get the chance to give certain counseling to bring the best to the society.


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