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How to Get Permanent Residency in Australia?

Australia Permanent ResidentIt’s been a dream for many to settle in Australia after their educational or employment temporary tenure. To fulfill these dreams of becoming a permanent resident, you need to pass the eligibility criteria. Every year it is seen that more and more immigrants from almost every corner of the globe have been trying to enter the country either for study or employment purpose. The count of the immigrants has been increasing and constant in recent decade. When inquired for the reasons – economy and lavish life opportunities that the country has been providing to its residence occupied the top throne among all those reasons.

So, every student or employee who has been enjoying these lavish facilities provided since the start up of their temporary tenure raises a thought to enjoy them permanently. Seeking an Australia permanent residency can be easy as you already crossed immigration to Australia. The government checks a few pre-requisites in international students and employees who had applied for PR before the permanent residency is granted.

If you are an international student, then you should complete your two years of educational course in a recognized institution which has been listed as the first and top most precedent for an Australian PR. Though you have work experience of two years in the country you should write a test like an international student conducted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The test’s syllabus includes – country’s history, and other details of traditional values or national symbols. As the spoken language in the country is English, an importance to the language has been given in the test.

All it takes for an Australian Citizenship aspirant to fulfill his dream is sitting for an examination. However, 3/4th of the questions in this objective based test must be answered right. If an aspirant fails to reach the test’s cutoff, he/she is supposed to sit for the test again with a gap of 3 months. This is for him/her to get back stronger and certain this time. For any further information on this citizenship test, one can visit the nearest Immigration & Citizenship Department branch. Logging onto the department’s official website will also provide all the required information.

Be prepared with documents that prove your residence of two years in Australia. As an international student, you can submit your educational documents and as an international employee, you can submit the document that proves your minimum work tenure in the country. If you are one among professionally employed where you will be paying tax for your income, then add those documents which put more weight to your eligibility.

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