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Earn while you learn in Australia

We know how successful and accomplished Australia as a country is. Now coming to its welcoming and friendly nature towards its immigrants, Australia offers rewarding job opportunities to its inhibitors. Especially for students who come to Australia in search of quality global education, no disappointment will be thrown as Australian student visas majorly facilitate students to work for 20 hours a week during a study program and unlimited hours when there’s a break in the program.

Study in AustraliaHowever, for this, the students must be entitled for legal working permission from Australian immigration and it will be a cakewalk from thereon. On issuing the work permit, Australian immigration opens a handful of part time jobs to its immigrants and almost every foreign student finds himself in some job or the other within the blink of an eye.

Industries like hospitality, tourism, retail, agriculture, sales and marketing, administration and academic tutoring & guidance attract majority of foreign students to take up part time jobs and earn a handsome salary to support their living in Australia.

This facility not only lets students to earn their living but also significantly contributes to the exposure students gain while working in a cosmopolitan environment. This eventually reflects in their professional panorama.

On top of that, students with appreciable merit are often entitled to paid internships which come as pleasant surprises. Who doesn’t want to earn while learning what they are endlessly passionate about? Internships provide such opportunities to students and all they got to do is to be ready to grab them.

Not only private institutions but the local NGOs as well require scouting and other stewarding services and they approach foreign students. These volunteering services usually last on daily basis. This on top of fetching great money for students, will also help them in nurturing the culture of Australia, cherishing new friends and a lot more.

Australian immigration makes sure that even part time jobs have a streamlined protocol to be followed and part time employees must also be treated with equal dignity and respect. There’s a minimum wage on hourly basis which every worker is entitled to take home. Every employee can stand up to the unjust and voice out his indignation. There are paid breaks for such employees as well. Very secure work place environment is promised by every employer to ensure safety of the employees.

Apart from this, Australian immigration helps foreign students to find part time work in Australia by actively posting new job opportunities in job portal sections in news dailies and websites.

With Australian immigration doing so much for foreign students apart from providing world class education, no wonder people say Australia rocks!

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