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Changes Create a Big Impact on Permanent Migrant Intake in Australia

Changes Create a Big Impact on Permanent Migrant Intake in Australia
Australia has opted for a reduced permanent migration intake of 10,000 in this year after major changes by the Federal Government.

Australia immigration -Major points:

Regional visas and global talent visas have a few major changes in the immigration program. Experts believe that the new programs will fail to attract numbers at the Plan Level. The Government reduced the intake in permanent migration, and also increased temporary migration. Communities that are desperate for a population increase may feel the huge impact.

The Regional Visas and Global Talent Visas total to 30,000 permanent visas as per the Departmental planning levels but migration experts feel that the Government might face a problem in issuing 20,000 visas in these schemes.

The employer-sponsored stream in regional visas is a big concern. The program requires 9,000; but can get only 2,000 professionals

Global Talent Scheme

Regarding the Global Talent Scheme, the target is 5,000 places, making it adventurous, and likely to fall short, than the expected planning level. After the important policy changes filling 160,000 places will be difficult. The likely figures will be between 140,000 and 150,000. The regional visas start in November, and it will take much time in attracting the people first, and processing the applications later before granting visas.

A new visa generally takes more than one Financial Year to begin functioning, and to get the applications. People take time to understand the rules and the Department of Home Affairs needs time to processes and assess the applications. This will have a long-term Impact.

Migration planning levels 2019-20


Skill stream


Employer Sponsored


Skilled Independent




-Skilled Employer Sponsored


-Skilled Work Regional


State/Territory Nominated


Business Innovation & Investment


Global Talent


Distinguished Talent


Skill Total


Family Stream






Other Family


Family Total


Special Eligibility


Child (estimate)




Australia jobs and long term impact

When people are unable to transition from a temporary visa to the permanent visa they consider leaving the country and this has an implication in the long run. Moreover, the impact on local communities will result in shortfall in regional visas. The employers receiving the impact cannot fill key positions affecting the local economy. Using the multiplier effect, if a person gets $50,000 that amount flows through the community a number of times. The effect will impact even the other businesses and they will not be in a position to employ required people.

David Coleman, Immigration Minister has stated that the Government had outlined plans in March 2019 with a general cap of 160,000. The focus this year is on regional migration and also on identifying remarkably skilled migrants using its global talent programs.

Initiatives by the Government

The Government can also transition people in the new regional visas after converting the backlog of applications for old visa classes.

The annual report of the Immigration Department, states the qualification that planning levels are ceilings, and not the targets since 2014-15.

The original plan was to attract 190,000 for seven continuous years, but it was capped at 160,000 for the present year. The figures for permanent intake show 190,000 in 2015-16, 184,000 in 2016-17, and 162,000 in the next year. Additionally in the same period International Students contributed to temporary migration, swelling the official population figures in Australia.

Net foreign migration that includes temporary visa holders will grow by 10,000 between 2018 and now to reach the figure of 270,000.

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