New app to help connect elderly spending Christmas alone

For most Australians, Christmas is a time of celebration and togetherness. But for thousands of elderly people across the country, the festive season represents loneliness and isolation. And it is not a trend exclusive to this part of the world. Research suggests as many as 450,000 elderly people in the United Kingdom will spend Christmas […]

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Why you Should not Think Twice to Visit Australia!


Australia is an ocean for cultural diversity. Be it an open air theatre, festivals, boutique galleries; every cultural thing in Australia is booming of diversity and that is exactly what is attracting people across the globe. Visiting Australia is a boon for the people who thrive for the Operas. Sydney, is the place in this […]

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Flourishing Australian Tourism Industry


Tourism Australia is flourishing with the spending from the travelers who enter Australia from different parts of the world.  Australia is already known for immigrants who settle here for higher studies and skilled professionals who come to work through various immigration procedures. Australia Immigration facilitates people who ever enter the nation through valid visa procedures. […]

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Can you Get Extension on Australia Visit Visa

The Indian citizen requires to apply for Australia tourist visa to visit Australia. The visa free access or visa exemption does not apply to Indian citizens.  Australia Travel visa allows the individuals to travel and stay up to 90 days. The passport should be valid for minimum 6 months on the date of entry. Most […]

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