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Australian Strategy and Measures to Help in Settlement of New Migrants

Australia Immigration

Today Australia serves as a great destination to live, and settle permanently for migrants across the globe. It is beautiful, multicultural and offers a top quality of life, attracting the migrants to reside here.

Layers of Australian Immigration

The new migrants arriving in Australia are happy but there is stress because of the understanding and detailing of complex new rules and regulations regarding road, firearms, bribery and other areas.

Since 1949, Australia is steadily progressing on the path of multiculturalism. More migrants started arriving in Australia and some of them were non-whites. Today more than a quarter of the population residing in the country was born in a foreign country. Australia is a culturally diverse place in the world.

Three Levels of Government

People here need to know that there are three levels of government- the local, state and finally the federal. There are many laws and newcomers find it difficult to understand them and adjust with them.

Weapons that are routinely carried in a few countries are not allowed in Australia. It is a normal and new concept for safety because the government is undertaking the safety aspects with a deep sense of commitment. People are safe. In case a person feels unsafe they can call the police.

Moral and Ethical Government and Officials

Moreover, in some countries bribery is a way to deal with crimes, whether it is a police officer over an offence or a teacher to get good marks. In Australia it is a crime and there are displays regarding it so that the people are able to avoid it.

In case the new migrants do not abide by the Governmental rules they easily run into trouble. In no cases the police take bribe for a fine. It really and simply does not work here.

Composition of Australian Immigration

Today a huge Immigration to Australia is happening from India and China. There are various visa and immigration programs for the benefit of migrants. They can easily select these visas and immigration programs on their personal preferences and go for maximising their eligibility chances.

In recent years the country is putting an increased focus on settlement and related services as a measure of community harmony and social cohesion. The government intends to help and alleviate concerns relating to immigration and promotes social harmony in a big way.

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