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As per the new report of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia immigration to the country has not done any harm to the jobs as well the earnings of local workers. It examines the effect of immigration and deals with the recent trends related to temporary migration and also the skilled migration.

Two million people reside in Australia on temporary visas 

According to Melinda Cilento, CEO, CEDA presently two million people reside in Australia after arriving on temporary visas. These are skilled workers, students, working holiday makers, and citizens of New Zealand. This number is significant and also needs a proper understanding, transparent management and regarded as an important factor in in community planning.

The report of CEDA has come to the conclusion that in recent decades, migration to Australia was a positive factor for the labor market. Its outcome in the temporary skill migration was positive. It delivered many benefits to business, and also helped the economy broadly. There was an impact on the existing workforce also. There were concerns regarding the abolition of the 457 visa category the replacement with the 482 visa.

Temporary workers are not a challenge to local employment 

Additionally, the findings state that the average base salary for holders of the skilled temporary visa was $95,000, and such workers are not likely to challenge local employment conditions. Moreover, their strength is small group, and the temporary skilled immigrants of the right working age are less than one percent of the total labor force.
A significant factor here is that unpredictable changes to the visa category undermined the ability of business to plan for the workforce with confidence. 

Furthermore today many businesses find it complex to hire the skilled workers they need. Thus there is a great need to be transparent, and strengthen the temporary skilled migration for extending support to productivity and business investment. 


All Temporary migrants make a healthy contribution to the economy, pay taxes and also spend in the communities where they live. This exercise increases the demand for various goods and services and supports the local economy in a big way.

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