Different types of Australian Work Visas

Many people across the world show keen interest in migrating to Australia to work there as employees and settle down in Australia seeking permanent residence or citizenship. Accordingly, Australian Immigration department has also formulated different categories of visa which will facilitate foreign nationals across the world to migrate to Australia under different work visa categories.

Work in Australia

In this article, let us throw some light on different categories of work visas that can help one migrate to Australia.

  1. Working holiday visa
  2. Work and holiday visa
  3. Sponsored professional visas
  4. Sponsored training visas

Working holiday visa (Subclass 417)

This visa is of huge benefit to avid travelers who travel across the globe to fulfill their thirst of traveling. This working holiday visa enables a migrant to stay in Australia, travel around the country while earning part time income by working for different Australian employers on a temporary basis. This visa will be valid for a period of 12 months and one cannot work at an employer for more than 6 months.

Work & Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

Immigrants from the countries where Working Holiday Visa doesn’t apply can apply for Work & Holiday Visa (immigrants from countries like USA, Thailand, Chile & Turkey). This visa is for tertiary educated people who are between 18-30 years of age. This work & holiday visa usually lasts for 12 months. Same rule about employment with a single employer for not more than 6 months applies for these visa holders as well.

Sponsored Professional Visas

There are some immigrants who will be very keen on migrating to Australia under Working Holiday Visas or Work & Holiday Visas but unfortunately don’t meet the eligibility criteria to be qualified for either of them. For such people, there are Sponsored Professional Visas which will let immigrants migrate to Australia under the sponsorship by an Australian employer recognizing the aspirants’ skill sets. Under this category, there are three types again which are very specific to the type of immigrants who choose to select them.

  1. Temporary Business Visa
  2. Educational Visa
  3. Medical Practitioner Visa

These visas usually range between 3 months to 4 years.

Sponsored Training Visas

There are two types of visas under the Sponsored Training Visas which are: Occupational Visas and Trade Skills Training Visas; these are basically training visas when applicants will be provided professional training under Australian recognized & certified institutions in their areas of expertise. These visas usually last for 2 years; upon which the immigrants are expected to find employment within 2 months. Upon this, either the immigrants must leave Australia or should apply for another category of visa to extend their stay in the country.

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