Demand for Nurses in Australia

The fact that visa applications with mentioned profession as nursing receive top priority with Australian Immigration in itself proves the fact that nursing is of high demand in the country now and is only going to increase.

Demand of Nurses in australiaNurses are going to receive a visa tenure which lasts for 4 years which is highest of any order and for any other visa type. During this tenure, the family of nursing visa holder can come, visit, stay, work and get educated in Australia.

One best thing for qualified international immigrants in nursing profession is that upon some preliminary eligibility tests, they may be granted permanent residency status in Australia which is almost unbelievable!

There’s a special subclass for nursing professionals who intend to migrate to Australia in search of promising life. This subclass is called Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. Under this, a particular employer in Australia can sponsor a nursing professional upon fulfilling the necessary eligibility criteria to work and stay in Australia for ever.

However, holding an employment offer at hand isn’t mandatory to enter Australia as Australia immigration is making things easier and smoother for nursing professionals. Work in Australia in most cases is promised, but if not, there is nothing to be worried about. In the name of independent migrants, nursing professionals can migrate to Australia. This however includes a point’s test that needs to be met. Upon fulfillment of points test, the nursing professionals among many other professionals from other occupations can migrate to Australia in search of work. The enthusiasts can also choose their relatives/sponsors existing in Australia to sponsor them to migrate.

The points test for nursing professionals will be provided by Australia Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council.

For immigration enthusiasts in nursing profession looking for temporary employment in Australia, Australian working visa is a boon! This visa lasts for 1 year and will enable nursing professionals between 18 – 30 years of age to come to Australia and work as nurses for a period of prescribed 12 months.

People with great nursing capabilities but not endowed with professional certifications need not feel disappointed. There are bridging programs in Australia for nursing people to mould themselves into qualified and certified nursing personnel. Few visa subclasses enable immigrants to access these bridging programs.

Australian immigration is making the aspect of Work in Australia a streamlined one, especially for nursing professionals by letting them into the country in the name of various visas and their subclasses. This is to meet the rising demand of nurses in the country and also to entertain global presence in the nation.

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