Visa Options for Australia Family Immigration

Australia Family Visa - 1Few Australian prefer laid back life in the nation and few other prefer to live in the cosmopolitan areas which are busy.  It does not matter, where they stay, but definitely we find Australians do enjoy better quality of life.

Parents can Migrate to Australia, If one or more children have become Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Australian Parents Immigration

The parent Migration program will help you with key, to unlock new as well as exciting life in Australia, but most important, it allows the parents to be closer to their loved ones.

Process Requirements

In order to be eligible for parent migration, the individual must be the parent of the  permanent resident or Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. And they should pass the balance of family test which does specify that at least half of their children must live permanently in Australia or they should have more children living in Permanently in Australia than in any other Single nation.

Family & Children Immigration

The individual are required to be sponsored by their child or other eligible adult who has been settled in Australia as a citizen or permanent resident for minimum 2 years.  Your sponsor should provide a legal undertaking in order to support your stay during the initial 2 years in Australia.

The individuals are required to satisfy the health and character requirements.

Partners Category Visa

  • Spouse of Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen
  • Fiance of Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand
  • De facto partner ( which includes same sex relationships) with an Australian Permanent resident or Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand Citizen.

For family Members, visa options available

  • Relative visa options
  • Parent visa options
  • Partner category visa options
  • Child and adoption visa options

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