Procedure to Apply for Australian PR

Like several other nations, Australia too has an Immigration system points-based. It means that a candidate has to collect a specific number of points to suit for an Australian Permanent Residency. These points are accumulated by different requirements of qualification and the degree to which they are matched. The advantage of a points-based system is that obtaining low in one area still provides the candidate a possibility to suit by scoring more in another area.We at Be Australian have made a quick step-by-step design in your journey to a PR of Australia.

The steps you need to follow for Australian immigration are as follows:

• Get yourself pleased with the System of Points Based. You can obtain all the appropriate information here. The expert versed you are with the options of Visa accessible to you, the more assured you will be running about the process of application. The provided link will give you with all the data concerning the specific profile information you have to reach to get points and how to contact them: proficiency in language, education, skills, Work experience, etc.
• Prepare your file. Collect all the certifications and reports needed by the System of Points Based; Certification of IELTS, assessment of skill, etc. Reach a Consultancy of Immigration to make assured that you haven’t left on anything.
• Choose a profession. Select a profession from the List of Skilled Occupation (SOL) or the List of Consolidated Sponsored Occupation (CSOL)
• Present an E.O.I. Once the above steps are all carried, you should present an online E.O.I via a system of online used to treat E.O.Is called SkillSelect. The E.O.I should hold all your important information of your profile: education, proficiency in language, Work experience, etc.
• Get an I.T.A. If all is fine by this stage, you will be receiving an I.T.A from the States of Australia or an employer. On receipt of the I.T.A, you have 60 days to appeal for the visa. You could also have to present certifications of health and character along with the application. If your form is furnished perfectly and fits for the Australian P.R, you will obtain a P.R of Australia in the timeline of 3 to 6 months.

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