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Australian Student Visa Requirements And Guidance

Australia has many attributes and serves as a great destination for further studies. It is democratic, modern, has great health care, and many excellent educational institutions. You can always apply for your dream course at a university. We guide you through in this post, about the complex Australia Immigration process to obtain an Australia student visa in Subclass 500

Eligibility to Apply for an Australian Student Visa

Applying for a student visa is possible if you are studying these courses: –

  • A Secondary School course like the Primary/ Secondary and High School
  • English course that is basically General English
  • Vocational courses corresponding to Certificate III/IV, Diploma, and the Advanced Diploma
  • University courses like pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master Degree and PhD

Benefits Accrued Through the Australia Student Visa

You can Work while studying.

It is a study destination which does not impose any limitations to students to pursue studying only. The student visa permits you to work for a maximum of 40 hours in a two week period after the start of your course and also unlimited hours of work in school breaks. This facilitates earning additional pocket money, gaining work experience simultaneously, during the course of studies in the country.

Post Study Work Visa

Students completing two years of studies at a high education level are eligible to submit an application to get post-study work visa for two years after the graduation. In these two years after completing the studies, you get the opportunity to get full-time employment and experience professional way to Work in Australia.

Australia Student Visa - Bringing a Partner/Family Member

As a matter of convenience while studying overseas the student visa permits you to accompany the partner or a family member, spouse, or own children. The spouse or child can join you in Australia in the capacity of dependants. They are in a position to enjoy the same conditions as you in the student visa. While studying at a Masters Level, the partner gets the rights for full work in the visa duration. Bringing in such partners or family members requires additional funds as well as documents for ensuring that they genuinely accompany you throughout the study period.

Student Visa Requirements in Australia

Enrollment Confirmation

All candidates have to provide an Enrolment Confirmation, for each course with the visa application. While applying for multiple courses in student visa application add all COE codes in the application form.

Requirements in English Language

Some categories of students have to provide a current certificate of mastering the English language test while submitting the visa application. Australian Immigration provides a few listed exemptions.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

All students have to provide personal statements and also show that they intend going to Australia temporarily for seeking quality education. Their intentions to stay in Australia should be to the point and clear.

Australia Immigration- Monetary Requirements

Students must also show possession of sufficient funds for covering all the related expenses like tuition fees, travelling expenses plus the living costs for the period of stay when they submit a visa application. The requirement of funds depends on the country of origin the institution to study as also the course duration.

Sufficient Health Insurance

The family members and the students reaching Australia must have an insurance cover from the approved health insurance provider in Australia.

Biometric Test and Medical Checkup

The dependants and the students are directed by the Home Affairs Department for undergoing a Medical Checkup as well as a Biometric Test prior to the visa assessment. The procedures have to be followed meticulously.

Australian Student Visa - Some Answers

After obtaining the temporary visa students can study in the country for the complete duration of the courses based on the COEs, to the maximum of five years.

Extension of Stay

For continuing to study in Australia, you have to apply for another new visa. In case the student visa expires before graduation you can avail the Visitor visa of subclass 600. Also submit the letter of the Education Provider along with the date of graduation.

Australia Student Visa the Cost for Applying

From July 2019, the cost to apply is AUD620 for the Australia student visa. This cost excludes costs related to health checks, biometrics, and inclusion of family members.

Traveling Out of Australia on a Student Visa

One can travel outside the country and return many times when the visa is valid.

Applying for the Student Visa and the Processing Time

When the place in the program is confirmed, you can start the student visa application process not earlier than 124 days before commencement of the course.

For quick processing include all necessary information and attachments and also complete the follow up for health examination, and any additional requirements.

We can provide necessary guidance on all actions for submission of the visa application. Please get in touch with us for expert advice on Australia Immigration

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