Job Opportunities in Australia

Australia has always been a favourite place for professionals to migrate. The country offers a lot of opportunities in career as well as personal front to prosper. Most of the Australia Immigration schemes allow professionals to take their family along.

Opulentus AustraliaThe resources and economy of Australia has flourished and continues to boom. This is creating enormous job opportunities and vacancies for high-skilled professionals. Most of these job vacancies were for skilled professionals working in technical and managerial areas associated with extractive industries. There are also vacancies in other industrial sectors which serve the resources boom. A report carried out of 1,500 employers in 2012, it was found that there were shortages of accountants, marketing professionals, and managers.

These skills shortages are likely to get worse as there are a number of large scale resources projects expected to start in the next year.

Australia has been awarded 3.8 points (against a global average of 5.4) for its flexible labour market scheme and its willingness to grant visas to eligible skilled foreign professionals to work in the resources sector.

Professionals from these sectors can take this as an opportunity to move and settle in Australia.  To embark on your journey to Australia, get your profile evaluated by our experts. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form or contact us at 1800 103 1555.

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