Migrate to the strongest economy land Australia

Immigrate-To-Australia-Skilled-Assessment-ProcessImmigration to Australia from India

Australia is a land of opportunities, and every foreign skilled worker is given a chance to prove themselves. Australia has the strongest economy and encourages skilled workers to be a part of their country. The skilled immigrants can use their abilities to meet the requirements of the Australian immigration. The foreign skilled workers who want to migrate to Australia will be selected based on their point’s calculator test. The country encourages people from different parts of the country to work live and tour. Australia is a land of many cultures and is open to different races, castes, etc.

Indians in Australia

There is a rapid growth in the Indian community in Australia. In 2011 to 2012 Indians were the largest number of people for getting permanent residence in Australia. Australia has always encouraged the skilled workers from India to participate in helping them for raising their economy. The growth of Indians kept increasing with intent to lead a life of quality and to increase their standards of living or to establish their business in Australia.

Australia Skilled Immigration

There are various immigration programs in Australia such as,

  • Skilled immigration program
  • Business skills provisions
  • Working holiday visa
  • Australian permanent residence
  • Australians also welcomes immigrants who family is already staying in Australia under family stream migration

Australian Skilled Immigration for:

  1. Australian skilled independent visa subclass 189
  2. Australia skilled nominated visa subclass 190

Requirements to Migrate to Australia

  • The applicant must make that they have undergone the skills assessment by the respective authority for the occupation you have nominated for
  • Necessary documents like age proof, birth certificate, and passport should be obtained, and the copies of these documents should be submitted
  • Submission of IELTS report is essential
  • Employment reference letters are a necessary requirement
  • Offer letter should be attached, only when you looking forward to claiming any points against the employer
  • Those claiming the spousal credit points, IELTS evidence of both the partners along with the recent work experience are required.
  • Personal details
  • The age of the applicant must be 50 years or under
  • The candidates must choose from the skilled occupation list and meet the necessary skill assessment
  • Minimum of 65 points should be scored by every applicant and pass all the health and character requirements

Points based calculator:

The following categories are the topics, in which the applicants must score the minimum points when they are going through points based calculator.

  • Age
  • Language
  • Education
  • Skilled occupation list

Work experience

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