How ENS Helps Australian Employers?

There are different paths to Permanent residency for Australia through  Australia Work Visa.

The Migrant Worker Categories do Include

  • Employer-sponsored workers: When the Australian employer sponsor foreign national to work in Australia
  • General Skilled Migration: For individuals who are not sponsored by the Australian employers but they possess a skill that is valued in Australia
  • Skill Select: For Workers who posses specific skills that Australia requires
  • Doctors and Nurses: Permanent residency is available to doctors and nurses on need only basis.

The Australia Employer Nomination Scheme does enable the Australian employees to nominate legally the highly skilled overseas workers to fill the positions which cannot be filled from within the Australian labour market or through the employer’s self training program.

Australia Employee Nomination SchemeThe position should correspond to an occupation on the ENS list of occupation, and they must pay for a minimum salary specified for the occupation in the notice of Government Gazette. It should for full time and must be available for minimum three years.  The positions should be by the standard working conditions provided in workplace legislation Australian.

The Australia Migrants are Australia resident who holds a migrant or permanent visa to work in Australia and wish to remain in Australia indefinitely.

The migrants are not citizens, they are not citizens, and they do the option to become citizens after they meet the requirements of residents. There are varied ways to migrate to Australia through employment, family, refugee or the humanitarian status.

Migrant Visas for Australia are issued in an increment of 5 years, and they are subject to renewal.  As long as their visa is valid, the individual might enter or leave the Australia freely.Other benefits enjoyed by the Australian Permanent Residency visa holder include

  • Right to work in Australia
  • Right for the Australia public education
  • Right to apply for the Australian
  • Right to sponsor relative’s inorder to immigrate to Australia
  • Right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without visa

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