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Australia Immigration Gets a Regional Focus for Overseas Worker Visas

Australia is implementing an overhaul in the list of jobs which need migrants. This measure will help in hiring more locals in apprenticeship and allow the presence of more immigrants in regional areas.

The government review

The government started a review of the occupation list in skilled migration and plans to hear from residents of regional areas about the job vacancies which they cannot fill up. This fresh look at the jobs helps the people to get temporary visas after a separate review that was announced for examining the trades that presently have the challenging skills shortage.

Michaelia Cash, Australian Skills Minister stated that skilled migration was always a part of prosperity in the country, and there was a need to ensure to get the proper skilled migrants for filling up the skills shortages. It was a result of the hearing from stakeholders who identified the need in a number of sectors for hiring the skilled workers. Additionally, figures of the employment department demonstrate that top areas where foreign workers were employed in 2018-19 were university lecturers, managers, professionals in the IT sector, chefs and doctors.

Australia immigration and regional areas

Also there is a separate list for occupations in regional areas, but its details in the regions were not announced. The skilled visa numbers in recent years were in the range of 85,000, but there was a significant fall in 2017-18 to 64,500. David Coleman, the Immigration Minister stated that the government had an extraordinary focus to cover regional skills shortages across the migration programs and has a plan to continue that the businesses get the required workers for growth.

Also there was an allocation of 23,000 places for regional migration, after the introduction of two new visas and signing of Designated Area Migration Agreements for attracting migrants to the regional areas. Another aim was to, help in the growth of towns and filling up of 60,000 job vacancies in the regional areas of Australia. An updated occupation list will be issued in March 2020.


The existing list makes 500 occupations eligible under the temporary skilled visa category and 673 jobs under the regional sponsored migration category.

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