Temporary Work Visa: Requirements For Subclass 457 Work Visa

Immigrate-To-Australia-Skilled-Assessment-ProcessAustralia is not only wealthy nation but also developed nation in the world.  In the year 2014, It had world’s 12th largest economy and 5th largest percapita income. Australian Temporary Work Visa allows the skilled workers to travel to Australia for the purpose of work in a nominated occupation, for an approved sponsor for up to four years.

Requirement for Subclass 457 Work Visa, the Individuals  Can Get This Visa

  • If they have been sponsored by an approved business
  • If they have the essential skills to fill a position nominated by the approved business

The individuals can either be in or outside Australia when they lodge their application

Temporary work visa in Australia, this visa allows you

  • To work in Australia for up to 4 years
  • Bring your family to work or study in Australia
  • To travel both in and out of Australia as often, you desire

This is a Sponsored Visa, Before Applying for This Visa, Your Employer Should

  • Become a sponsor who is approved
  • Should nominate you for a position

The individuals can apply for this visa at the same time when your employer lodges their applications to sponsor as well as nominate you.

No Further Stay

One of the Australia Work Visa Requirements for Temporary Visas is that individuals cannot apply for this visa, if they have already holds another visa that states that no further stay condition.

The individuals must have a valid passport or other documents relating to travel for this visa. If you wish to get a new passport, you should do so before applying for your visa.  After lodging the application, you receive the passport, and then you must provide details of the new passport to the immigration office.

If you wish to migrate to Australia, contact the best visa consultant, who would help you in your endeavor.

It is also important that the individuals should speak, write as well as understand sufficient level of English while you are in Australia. If the individual is sponsored by a party to a labour agreement, then they must meet the English language ability as stated in the agreement.

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  1. Am a skilled worker in an Indian Company, I would like to work in Australia, am I eligible to apply Subclass 457 Work Visa?

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